Tuesday, September 06, 2005

MTV Hanging Out with Neil Gaiman part 3 (of 10)

Don: All righty then, I got a question for you now. We heard that you’re really good friends with Tori Amos, right? How did you get to meet her exactly? What were the circumstances?

Neil: The year was, about 1991 and I was at the San Diego Comic Convention and I was signing, which is what I seem to do much of. And a guy on line gave me a cassette tape, which was a primitive form of music transmission in this day of discs and emails, and said that this was a friend of mine, she’s sort of working on an album, she mentions you on a song, please don’t sue her. She’s a big fan of yours, and a fan member of the site. And I’m given a lot of cassettes, these days I get most CDs, and one single I’d carry and then never play them again because they’d be you know, some you know Norwegian death rock record company [too slurred] going oh, you’ve come down from the sky. Your sister Death because she’s cute. So I put this on, and it’s Tori and it was sort of a first draft of what was going to be the Little Earthquakes album and well, I listened to some stuff and I just thought it was amazing. And there was a phone number there, so I phoned her, and she happened to be in London while I was at London at the time and then we just became telephone phone pals. We’d throw each other off and talk through the small hours and I said you are going to be huge and this is going to be enormous and this is the trajectory of your career and in three to five years this was how it was going to work, and truth, I was right. She goes I was really really clever. Eventually I just, you know, watched the English Watch Press and actually call… I always know how they always treat the first album, second album and third albums. She goes don’t anybody tell them that, that I wasn’t her [couldn’t understand]. And then she said, come and see me play. So I came and Tori Amos gave me a place called the Kennel Brusery in London. Her entire audience consisted of me, a driver from Melanie Mayfair, her publicist, and the owner of the brand suite and it’s suddenly her birthday thing, it was five thousand a table, so she stopped halfway through the gig and say happy birthday to you and that was her act. Even today, you know no matter what Tori does, ten thousand people, it could be huge, well what do you think? I say a lot of it is good. They’ll get over us.


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