Saturday, April 02, 2005

[Blog Entry] Trivia, Summer, The Email Wars, MTV Ink/Pulp FAQ


I was going to post my blog entry a few days ago but whenever I started to write, I had the feeling that whatever I wrote would pale in comparison to whatever every other Filipino is writing on their blogs: namely the condition of the late Pope John Paul II.

Maybe it’s because the Philippines is really a Catholic country. One of the longest-reigning leaders has been the Pope. Heck, even presidents only have 6 (one term in the Philippines) or 8 (two terms in the US) years. The only real competition the Pope has would probably be the Dalai Lama.

Personally, I see it as a release for the Pope. For several decades the Pope was burdened the responsibility (which is one of the weaknesses of having a single head-honcho on top) of many Catholics around the world, not just that of a single country. While he is in a noble position, it’s a role that has lots of responsibilities and duties. At least now, he’s finally free from that burden, and we can write his history since his life has ended.


On to regular rants! I guess it’s really summer now, where the temperature averages at 38 degrees Celsius. Personally, 38 degrees is probably my optimum environment. Whereas everyone else is complaining about the heat, I just feel… comfortable.

I’ve always taken hot baths since cold water freezes me to death. Just to show how alien my physiology really is, I still take hot baths during summer. And well, there’s really no ventilation in my room. I have an air conditioner but the last time I turned it on was last year, when Elbert came for a sleepover. Nope, no electric fans, the windows are closed, and yes, I have black wallpaper.

The Email Wars

Right now Gmail is staying one step ahead of Yahoo. One weakness of the former was that it was previously incompatible with some web browsers (like the Macs we use at work). Well thankfully, you don’t need to have a high-end browser with all the settings turned on to utilize Gmail (although it has less features if used that way) nowadays. Whereas Yahoo initial offered 10 MB of email space, Gmail initially offered 1 GB. How do you compete with that? Well currently, Yahoo offers 250 MB of email space, upgrading it to 1 GB in May. But Gmail just raised the stakes and if you check your Gmail inboxes, you’ll find that one has 2 GB (and that’s not an April Fool’s joke).

MTV Ink/Pulp FAQ

While it hasn’t reached the point yet where I’m being pestered on my blog, some of my friends are asking me how to land a job in either MTV Ink or Pulp. Well, here’s my FAQ:

1) Can you get me a job at MTV Ink/Pulp? No, I can’t. I’m just a lowly editorial assistant. It’s the head honchos who have the authority to accept you or not. Just send in your resume and it’ll be up to them to decide whether to take you in or not, whether you’re applying for a position at the office, a freelance writer/photographer/artist, or as an intern. For those interested to work for MTV Ink, you can email the editor-in-chief, the lovely Ms. Kristine Fonacier at mtvinkNOSPAM[at] Obviously, remove the NOSPAM (it’s just there to fool the spammers).

2) What should I submit? Honestly, I don’t know any secret technique that’ll ensure you a job at the publication. Just submit what you would normally submit to other companies or publications. That’s namely your resume and some sample work, and anything else you think might interest them. If you’re looking for a regular job, I suggest you try offering to work as an intern. You won’t get paid but you’ll learn a lot and who knows, you might get hired. That just happened to one of our interns (the lovely Liz, so you’ll be seeing more of her in the succeeding issues of Ink).

3) Are there any job openings? It depends on when you ask me this, but ultimately, it shouldn’t matter. There will be openings or there might not be openings. But submit anyway. Just because a company isn’t looking for someone doesn’t mean they won’t hire new staff members (or try out freelancers). In fact, since it’s a monthly magazine with lots of freelancers, they’re more prone to try out new writers/artists/photographers (assuming you have talent that is). And even if they don’t, at least they have something to use as reference when they need to hire someone. Submit, submit, submit. You might not necessarily get an immediate response, but who knows what might happen in the future?

If we need some talents for photo shoots or if we’re actively looking for someone to hire, I’ll post it on my blog.


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