Sunday, March 27, 2005

[Blog Entry]Rejuvenation, Penniless, and Books


While I yearn for vacation to be longer, the past four days has actually been refreshing for me. I’ve forgotten about work, I managed to get enough rest, finish my reading goals for the month, did some writing, met up with some friends, and even got to reflect about my faith. Even my leg muscles got a chance to relax as I didn’t really do any strenuous walking or climbing. Work begins anew tomorrow, and while there’s a lot of stuff to do, I’ll be entering it with a rejuvenated mind and body.


Perhaps one of the opportunity cost of finding time to read during the past few days is not being able to go out to the places I want to go (Elbert tells me that there’s a new branch of A Different Bookstore at Cubao, for example, and they’re on sale). Of course the choice of doing the former was made easier by the fact that I’m broke and the only money I have in my wallet is P50.00 (barely $1.00) and some change. So if I’ve been calling up some people about the money they owe me, well, I’ll try to survive the upcoming week with P50.


Anyway, here’s a column regarding “fictional” books such as The Necronomicon. On a side note, my copy is lying somewhere around here…


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