Sunday, October 31, 2004

The Long Halloween

Strangely enough, Halloween started as early as Friday, with Mega Mall open until midnight to make way for its Halloween sale. And of course, outside was a free concert, so it was, again, a traffic nightmare.

Saturday was spent playing RPG at a friend's house, which is too bad because I missed out on the gaming convention. But hey, isn't the point of attending the gaming convention to play games? So no regrets there, although freebies are always good.

Sunday was taxing. I planned to go to church, go to Glorietta to claim my book orders, and then go to Eastwood to attend the gaming con. Of course when I was planning this, I assumed we would have a driver at home. But alas, Sunday is not a day of rest. Perhaps it wouldn't have been so bad if I wasn't lugging around a lot of stuff (more than the usual). And then when I got to Glorietta, well, let's say my weight doubled.

The gaming con was great, although I unexpectedly found myself cosplaying (my philosophy on cosplaying is that I have no money for a costume so if you give me one, I will wear it, except Sailor fukus). So Halloween marks the second time that I actually cosplayed. And I got a gift check too!

2nd Gaming Con Cosplay Winners

Audience's choice goes to Cathy, who was in her Bayushi Kachiko outfit. First prize went to Robert Wong, who's on a winning streak with his Sauron costume, Jewel in her angel costume (I forgot which one but it's a Magic: The Gathering angel that's probably color black), and of course, Morgul King in his Lord of the Rings outfit.


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