Monday, November 01, 2004


I have lots of dreams. There's lots of things I want to accomplish. Take, for example, gaming. I want to play a lot of games, whether it's card games, board games, RPG games, or miniatures.

There's also writing. I always end up coming back to it, even if I'm preoccupied by something else (like video games or work).

And of course, I want to help other people. As a writer, I know the nightmare one must undergo to get published. And perhaps part of the reason for that is the distribution system. There has to be a better way. It can be improved. There must be a way for aspiring writers to get published and be recognized.

Last but not least are my fellow countrymen. I don't want dole-out solutions for the poor. I want solutions that pave the way for their independence and self-sufficiency. Yes, there will always be "poor" people, but we can at least improve the quality of life these people are living.

Dreaming isn't bad. But one must ask one's self, what steps are we taking to fulfill our dreams?


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