Sunday, November 28, 2004


Right now, I'm having my not-quite-monthly bouts of cold,s which is probably due to my allergies. Neither drugs nor exercise not steroids have managed to cure my affliction, although a friend recently told me that surgery might be an option I want to pursue. If there's any reason for me to avoid health-related vices such as smoking, it's because I don't have a good body to begin with. Struggling to breathe every evening is far from the most pleasant of experiences.

When I was a kid, I was teased because of my "perpetual colds" (which were thankfully not contagious). Which is also why you always see me with a handkerchief, because more often than not, I'd be using that handkerchief to blow my nose (and if I were to resort to tissue, I'd probably consume an entire forest). And whereas other people would just resort to medication to solve their problem, that wasn't an option available to me, considering I was allergic to a certain anti-biotic, which would only cause my allergies to mutate and come out stronger than before.

Phlegm and mucus usually clogs my throat and nose, and my handkerchief was often wet. Of course when you're a prime target for bullies, one either concedes to them, or learn inventive ways to fend one's self. Let's just say I used other people's disgust to my advantage. I mean you wouldn't beat up a kid who threatened to spit at you in retaliation, would you? Or if I wanted other people to keep their distance, there's nothing like a wet hanky to stave them off.

I've gone through a series of doctors in my youth, and it's really difficult to tell them about my situation when you can't exactly give them a specific name for my condition. I mean for one thing, the bone in my nose is slanted, so one of my nose holes is literally larger than the other, and that contributes to my respiratory problems. There's also this doctor I went that gave me a list of what I was allergic to, and one of them was chocoalate (and actually made sense since I usually drank chocolate before I sleep, hence the recurring colds). There was even a time when I had to go to Cardinal Santos on a weekly basis for shots (well, if I had any fear of injections, it's gone now). And of course, there's all these methods I had to try such as an air purifier system and this device which you had to stick up your nose to deliver a dosage (I gave up on it after the first few times... it's just too uncomfortable).

The only time I significantly got better was when I started to disregard the advice my parents were giving me. For one thing, I got my own room. I mean I constantly told my parents that I wanted the aircon turned off because it was interefering with my breathing. Did they listen to me? So after a few years of suffering, I moved out of their room and started sleeping at the sofa in the business room, and then later I moved in to the guest room. The other advice I disregarded was going home with the driver. I started to walk home from school, and despite traveling the pollutted atmosphere of Ortigas, my respiration did improve. Sure, I'd still have allergy attacks like now, but they don't occur as often. And of course, I decline when I'm offered chocolate. Chocolate overdose literally kills me.


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