Saturday, October 02, 2004


I wasn't able to attend the last cosplay event yesterday evening due to my work but that's okay. Right now the weekend is time for me to unwind and relax.

Work Focus

Three days ago, I came to the realization that while I had talent and perseverance, I won't get far with my job without one essential element: the will to continue doing so. I mean sure, a call center job is difficult, and as I mentioned before, it's the most difficult experience I've felt in all 22 years of my life. A number of people have cracked under the pressure and resigned. I have an excuse to take the easy way out. It's tempting to do so.

But I believe in good work ethic, in personal growth, in maturity. I mean what job isn't difficult? Sure, some jobs are more pleasant than others, but in the end, you still need to struggle and exert effort. If I quit now, I'll probably regret it later because it means I gave up. And sure, while there are some things that you should give up, I don't think this is one of them. That doesn't mean I'll never quit my job, but rather stick to it for the agreed upon time for the company to recuperate its expenses.

And of course, I can't do that if I continue to count the days and the months before I resign. I shouldn't fear my job. I shouldn't necessarily like it (although there's a lot I like about my job), but I should have determination. That's the only way we conquer our own weaknesses, after all.

I'm a human being. That also means I have a will. And that will shapes the emotions I feel, the attitudes that I have. And you know what, the moment I was focused and determined, everything became slightly easier.


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