Thursday, July 08, 2004

Posting for the Sake of Updating

I think I can't stress the point that when you're broke, you can't go out much (because you'll inevitably have to spend money). And when you don't go out much, you're stuck at home, where something "interesting" seldom happens (or we become desensitized to it... the other alternative would be me whining and whining about my parents).

On a Side Note

Well, there's a couple of new anime showing on TV. I'm currently indulging myself in Tokyo Underground and Dear Boys from ABS-CBN, Samurai Deeper Kyo on Studio 23, Gundam Seed on Cartoon Network, and Detective Q on Animax. Which is one reason why I love the Philippines. Because we really do get more anime than say, if I were living in the US (at least without having to "pay" for it).


UP AME Film Showing

Naruto : eps 74-79 (2hr Gaara vs Naruto mini-marathon)

Hunter x Hunter OAV3 Greed Island Final: eps 3&4

Ragnarok the Animation: eps 3&4

July 17, 2004, 1-4pm

Palma Hall Room 213-215

entrance fee of 35php, good for the entire afternoon

Ragnarok Free Film Showing

3pm onwards

July 10 - SM Megamall Cinema 4

July 17 - SM Manila Cinema 9

July 31 - SM Southmall Cinema 8


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