Sunday, July 04, 2004


It's annoying when the flies in your room have adapted to insecticide, are pretty quick, and aren't attracted to light. Because it makes them all harder to kill.

On a side note, I've seen rats as big as cats residing in certain buildings, and it really is strange when the rats scare away the cats.


I've been away the whole day yesterday (and I really mean being away from the house for 15 hours). Of course it really isn't comforting to know that I get to have more mosquito bites inside my house than staying outdoors.

Rumor Corner

Anyway, there's another convention with a cosplay being planned for September. This time it's for video games and the like, and the head of the said event is supposedly Ranulf Goss, resident game developer.


After spending an exhausting day at CCHQ distributing free comics, I had to go to Eastwood because it was my class's reunion. Of course the text message originally said Block E reunion, which was my block in college, but I originally thought it was my high school's reunion, because I was also in section E. Of course one hour before the said event, I did start dwelling on the fact that the text message said Block E and not Section E, and that there's not much noise recently in our mailing list. So it was probably a college reunion. To my chagrin.

Of course it was also a reunion of sorts considering more than half of the people didn't know up, and those that did showed up late (me actually coming on time). I did get to see people who were my blockmates during freshman year but left for one reason or another (i.e. went abroad, transferred schools, etc.).

There's also two places I don't want to get stranded at night. One is Rockwell, and the other is Eastwood. Because finding a way home short of taking a taxi cab is nearly impossible.

I got home at 3 am, but I didn't spend the last few hours with my former blockmates...


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